Our Boys!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blake's Play Date

On Tuesday, my good friend Shannon and her daughter Sophie came over for a play date. We've always joked back and forth that Sophie and Blake were going to end up getting married one day, so as a joke, I taught Blake to call her "my wife". The funniest thing was, as they were getting ready to leave, we told Blake to say goodbye to his wife, and then told Sophie to say goodbye husband - thinking she wouldn't really say it (we were just being funny). Sophie is such a smart 2 year old, her speech is so clear, so she says: "bye husband". We were rollin', it was soooooo cute!!!

"Hey Soph, how about a gun or a light saber to play with?"
"Love" letters in a mailbox.
Dora, Diego and the rescue center - what more could you ask for???

Grant - our future chef!

So lately, Grant has been FASCINATED by cooking. I'm seriously thinking about finding him some sort of kids cooking class (anyone know if these even exist???). Anyway, he watches the Food Network whenever he gets a chance - now, I'm not a cooking fanatic at all, so I don't even know who these people are . . . well, okay - so I know who Rachel Ray is, but Grant loves this other chic on there with blond hair, she's pretty - and Grant obviously thinks so too. He'll even find her on the On Demand channel to watch her show. So this morning, he's watching intently and says to me "mom, she's a really good cook - these meals are fabulicious" Can someone tell me where he gets these phrases???
Here is a video from back around Thanksgiving when he really started getting into watching the Food Network. I wish I had a better video of him, but I didn't want him to see me taking it. He literally tries to mimic their "cooking moves" as he watches.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Grant turns 6 today!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! In our house, it's a day reserved for Grant's birthday - and nothing else. I was born on a holiday too, so I hope I can always remember how important it is to have that one day a year that's made special just for you! Daddy is still away on business, so luckily Grant isn't old enough to care yet - but he's really looking forward to going out with the whole family tomorrow night - and all he really wanted tonight for his birthday dinner was a kids meal from Burger King because . . . they have Monster Jam Monster Trucks as the kids meal toy - so tonight's dinner was easy for me and fun for them!!! ;o)

It's been a long week for me, I really admire and respect the mom's who have to do the parenting thing alone 24/7 all the time. But I also want to tell you, all my friends tonight, how much you are cared for and loved!!! Valentines Day might be just another Hallmark holiday - and maybe I'm just sappy remembering the birth of my middle child - but I love you all. God chose us to parent these children, and although I often ask Him "Why me, God? Why did you choose someone as flawed as me to raise these boys", I know there must be a reason. I guess my prayer today for all of us is this:

Lord, please help guide us as moms and dads to raise these children the best we know how, please place Your guiding hand upon us to teach them and guide them on the right path in life. May we model Your love so that they grow up to know You - that they know how much You love them, and when they're old enough to fly on their own, that they be a bright light that shines for You to others. Amen!

Here are just a few of my favorites pics of Grant - a short trip down memory lane... Happy Birthday "little" G - We love you very, very much!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Birthday Parties!

On Saturday we celebrated both boys' birthdays with a party at X-Site Laser Tag. Evan turned 10 on January 24th and Grant will turn 6 on Valentines Day. We had Evan's birthday party at X-Site last year and had a really good experience (well, except for when Shawn blew his knee out playing laser tag and had to have surgery). Grant was really upset last year that he wasn't old enough to play - so he told me a few weeks ago that he really wanted his party there too - since you have to be 6 to play!

Well, everything turned out okay in the end - but I don't think we'll be doing a duel party thing EVER AGAIN!!! 20 kids, a very crowded venue and only 1 x-site employee party helper equals disaster!!! I do have to say thanks though to the parents who stayed and helped out. My migraine headache is now gone!!!

Evan's table of friends.
Grant's table of friends.
Grant and a few of his friends on the blue team in the laser tag room.
Evan rallying his red team in the laser tag room.
Grant and Evan next to their birthday cakes.
Grant and his buddies enjoying some cake.
Evan and his gang taking down some cake!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Blake's a big boy now!!!

So the past week, Blake has been sleeping in the bottom bunk in Grant's room, so we decided to roll that twin bed into his room this weekend to see how he'd do. He LOVED IT!!! So now we have his bed and the old crib (which we're trying to sell, see the post below this one) in his room until we sell it. Once we do, I'll get crackin' on painting and decorating his room in a more suitable "big boy" theme! For now, his new bed is a combo of the Wiggles, Cars and Backyardigans!

Any suggestions you have for decorating ideas once the crib is sold would be great!!! Let me know what you think I should do!

The new bed on one side of the room.
Gotta love the Wiggles, Cars and Pablo and Uniqua from the Backyardigans hanging out in the upper righthand corner of the bed!
Blake trying the new bed out.
Grant thought it was pretty cool too (probably more so since it gets Blake OUT of HIS room)!
It's bed time - and Blake did GREAT!!!

Crib Set for Sale

So it's a sad day, for mommy anyway! After 10 years, we will no longer have a crib in our house!!! We moved Blake to his "big boy bed" this weekend (see other post for more pics on that).

Up for sale is the crib (Simmons mattress and waterproof pad included), changing table, bedding (2 sheets, bumper, head bumper, crib skirt, comforter), matching mobile, matching diaper stacker, matching lamp and matching valance. If you know of anyone interested, forward this to them and have them make an offer. And yes, we will sell separately if desired.

Changing Table and Crib
Crib set to infant position. Crib is all white except for a sapphire/navy trim piece at the head and foot of crib.
Changing Table is all white. Vinyl changing pad included. I have 2 covers, 1 is denim blue and the other (not pictured) is a terry fabric in yellow. Also shown is the Diaper Stacker.
Exposed changing pad and musical lamp.
Details of bedding and mobile.
Matching valance (only 1)