Our Boys!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Reds Game

Okay, so it doesn't hurt to take a kid out of school for a baseball game right? Evan has been wanting to go to one for awhile, so my parents got tickets for last Thursday's afternoon game. We drove down to Cincinnati in the morning, dropped Blake off with his Aunt Stacy, and headed out to the game. It was a great day, and Evan and Grant had a blast!

Waiting for the game to start...
"Evan, don't hold on so tight - I promise I won't jump over the railing this time".

Shawn thought he was cool getting the baseball-in-motion in the picture.
Evan, Daddy and Grant - taken from the nose-bleed section.
Evan and Grant thought the Reds cheerleaders were cool - or was that cute?!?

Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years later, we still don't forget!!!.

This picture was taken a month after the WTC attack from the Attorney General's office (Eliot Spitzer). My sister was in his office after a performance by a horn quartet of the New York Philharmonic (which she is the Assoc. Dir. of Public Relations for). It showed her Ground Zero from a vantage point that only reporters were able to view better. We went for a visit in November, but the pictures we took didn't show the devastation that this one did. I suppose time heals... My brother still lives and works in Manhattan, my sister moved to New Jersey a little over a year ago (their Manhattan apartment became way too small once they decided to become parents), but both she and my brother-in-law still work in Manhattan.

Just wanted to post my own "Mark of Remembrance" for all the lives lost on this day 5 years ago. May God bless them all!


Okay, this is new for me, but since I always forget to email pictures, I thought this might be a good way to keep those who want to see our family growing up to date. I'll try to add new pictures as we take them - it won't be the most amazing blogspot (unless Shawn gets ahold of it), but we'll try to live up to the Pongratz and Haffner blog standards! ;o)