Our Boys!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Monster Truck Jam at the RCA Dome

For a special treat, we took all 3 boys to the Monster Jam show Saturday night at the RCA Dome. It was so much fun - even for me! All the demolition trucks were in blue and white in support of the Colts, and they even had some "Chicago Bear" colored trucks that were happily destroyed!!! I was shocked that they all stayed awake for the whole thing. We got down there at about 5:30pm and didn't leave until 11:30 pm! It was definitely worth the extra few bucks per ticket to have guaranteed seats (the upper decks are festival seating) - plus we were closer to the arena, so we got some great shots of the trucks. It was extremely loud, but luckily we all had ear plugs (which Blake did NOT want to keep in). I think we'll invest in the headphone protection for next year! ;o)
The boys with their newly purchased Monster truck shirts. Blake got a 2007 Tour shirt, Grant got Maximum Destruction and Evan got the Outlaw shirt.
One of the favorites . . . Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson was NOT in the house though to drive it - which was a bummer for me).
One of Grant's favorite trucks Maximum Destruction (and Tom Meents WAS there to drive it, so that was fun). Grant's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and our friend Debbie is baking a Monster Truck replica of this truck for his birthday cake! He can't wait!!!
Blue Thunder. This driver is from Indianapolis, so he was a big favorite! He won the racing competition, Max D won the freestyle.
Batman - what a cool design!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Evan's 9th Birthday Party @ X-Site Laser Tag

So Evan decided to have his birthday party at a laser tag place this year (a total new realm for me to investigate), so X-Site it was! The boys had a great time, and for all you moms out there who want to leave ALL THE PARTY PLANNING to someone else - I HIGHLY suggest this place. They provided everything - even the CAKE! All we had to bring was the birthday boy (and a lot of cash ;o)) and they did the rest (they even provided a party hostess to guide you through the whole party)! This first post is just some pics of the party itself, the next post are pictures from the actual laser tag gaming experience (and you're NOT going to want to miss those - especially when you see what happens to my husband)!!!

The Birthday Boy at the entrance to his party area.
Group photo (little brother Grant did NOT want to look at the camera)!
The boys playing video games before their laser tag games were scheduled to start.
A boy and his cake!
Blowing out ALL those candles (am I really old enough to have a 9 YEAR OLD!!!)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Laser Tag Experience

The entrance and exit to the laser tag arena.
The best picture I could get of the arena. It had blacklighting, neon, ramps, stairs, hallways, 3 "home bases" and yes, that IS a disco ball you see.
Evan inside one of the cages ready to take someone down!
Evan and Trent's dad Troy, waiting to light someone up!
Now if you know my husband, then you know Shawn goes all out on this kind of stuff. He had a great time until . . .
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt! Yes, that's the GOOD knee he messed up while crouching down and twisting it the wrong way. We see the knee surgeon tomorrow, prayers for quick healing are much appreciated!!!