Our Boys!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Little Eskimos

Okay, so the master construction crew insisted I update and add some more photos of the igloo (which is now even bigger than the one they constructed the other day). It now has a tunnel and a family room complete with electricity. I think Shawn missed his calling in life... I should've taken a picture of the teenagers who keep coming by it to check it out!

The view from our driveway (once again) - now longer than ever and complete with the Monster Truck Jam Grave Digger Flag on top.
From inside the "family room" looking out the "front door"
From the "family room", complete with electricity for those dark evenings, and ammo (the rifle to the left of the light) for "protection" - it even has a wood skylight than can be removed so they can "fire" out the top at enemy troops - looking out the back door.
The back tunnel.
The family room, bigger and more circular than the first carving out.

The "creators" hang out!
Come on in, the snow is fine!!!
Now seriously, who do YOU think the bigger kid is???

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valensnow Day

Our back deck - completely submerged, the poor pooch has to go potty out front for right now as the snow is halfway up our back door!
"Ummmm yeah daddy - where's the mailbox again???"
"G, a little help here - I'm sinking!"
But this snow sure tastes good!
A very happy birthday to me! This is the life!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grant's 5th Birthday @ Ben & Ari's

I can't believe it, but my middle baby is turning 5 on Valentine's Day!!! He wanted a "fun" party this year, so he chose one of our favorite places to have it - Ben & Ari's (pronounced Air-eees according to the owner, not Are-eees). Apparently his older son (Ben) couldn't pronounce Aaron, so he called him Ari - hence the name of their establishment. So there's your history lesson for the day! ;o)
The group (16 kids total if you include Evan and Blake). They were a great group of kids from school and our neighborhood - and everyone had a blast!
My friend Debbie Musgrave recently started her own cake business called Bake Boutique ( This was her first attempt at a "boy" cake (she's well known for her wedding and princess cakes) and it came out AMAZING!!! As most of you know, our boys LOVE Monster Trucks, so replicating a Grave Digger truck is no easy feat!
The kids could hardly wait to "dig" into the cake!
After filling up on cake, it was time to open his presents!
"Look everyone, I can balance my gifts on my head!"
The kids couldn't get enough of the Merry Go Round, I think at the peak of riding, we had 8 on it at once!
Blake got in some waverunner time - I think he's going to be our watersports child!
One of Evan's redemption prizes was a set of dominoes, so he spelled out Grant's name for him.