Our Boys!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Grant's 7th Birthday - Valentine's Day

I'm a little behind on posting these pics - but this past Saturday (Valentine's Day) was Grant's 7th Birthday. I was a little worried about having his party on his actual birthday - fearing that many of his friends might not be able to come due to the "holiday", but he had 15 friends show up to his laser tag party, so he couldn't have been more excited! Here are a few shots from the day...

Getting his VIP armband at the laser tag counter.

Grant with some of his party guests in the party area.

What little boy doesn't like opening presents?!?!

After the laser tag party we headed to church, then went to the RAM for dinner (if you're interested, kids eat for $1 the entire month of February!!!). We've known the manager there for years, so she gave Grant this huge dessert called the Mile High Pie for his birthday - all 5 of us ate it and we still couldn't finish it!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Cycle-A-Thon at the YMCA

Every year the YMCA hosts a fundraising campaign to raise money for kids who can't afford their programs. It's called the Strong Kids Campaign - because the YMCA will NEVER turn away someone because of their inability to pay.

Part of this campaign is the Cycle-A-Thon. Shawn has been a Spinning instructor practically since the day I met him. He's been working as an instructor at the Y for about 7 or 8 years now, and since it's tough economically for everyone this year - he wanted to step up the sponsorship goals of those who take his classes. He said that IF the people who took his classes raised $2000 by the time his session took place on Friday the 13th at 5:30 pm, he would shave his head immediately following the class. Well, we did it (thanks Bruce and John - they definitely upped the stakes and pushed us all to make it happen)! The Strong Kids have everyone who contributed to thank!!! And honey - you look really cute bald!!!

Bruce, Shawn and John - the "before" look!

Denise thanking everyone before Shawn's session started.

Yep, we love you and taking your class Shawn - and we can't wait to see you get your head shaved!!!

The crowd begins to gather - and our kids get a front row seat to see daddy lose his hair!

Our friend Travis gets to do the honors - he's a baldy by choice too, so he had all the proper tools! Evan doesn't look too sure in the background - but he thought dad did a good thing! Blake was just enjoying the free pizza!

First line going, going, gone...

We figure this is what Shawn will look like in 20 years when just the top part of his head is without hair! hahaha!

The finished product!!!

Sandra made this awesome cookie cake - we both came up with the concept of making the cookie the shape of his head (with his blond highlights) and having it say "No More Hair 'Cuz You Care!" It was all for the Y kids!!!

You look great babe!!! Everyone at the Y appreciates what you did for them!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Party at Preschool

Today I went in to help out at Blake's preschool - he was pretty excited about their Valentine's Day party - so here are a few shots of him and his classmates having a good time!

Blake - ready to party!
"Fishing" for hearts.
Look at those cute little hands folded in prayer before he ate his cupcake!!!
Blake's table of friends.
Gotta love the games!