Our Boys!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Remember when???

Okay, so I was organizing some of our photos on our computer today, and I ran across these from when the kids were really young! It just makes me miss them from when they were innocent and little - it also makes me realize how quickly they grow up!

Grant at 7 months - now he's almost 6!!!
Evan, Christmas of 2000 - in this picture, he's the age Blake is now!!!
Evan and Grant, Christmas 2002
My 3 sons, January 2005
Blake 6 months old, loved to fall asleep in his high chair!
Evan, when we were visiting my dad in the hospital in 2000 - whenever I see this picture, it reminds me of all we went through moving to IN, my dad being diagnosed with his brain tumor, and all Evan and my family endured through that whole ordeal! What a lasting bond it's been though with his Papaw!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Blake's Wall Art

Okay Shannon Pongratz - or should I say Sophie, this is for you!!!
Just as I posted that wonderful comment on the Pongratz's blog about how responsible it was for mommy Shanny to let Sophie have washable markers/crayons on a wall she had drawn on, I get a text message from my hubby while I was singing at church yesterday telling me that Blake also has this talent. Only problem is, it WASN'T a washable crayon or marker - it was an ink pen (courtesy of Brian Lingle and RotaTeq, some pharma drug his company makes ;o))

So, I come home and this is what I find! I really tried hard not to laugh as I told Blake what a bad choice that was to write all over our office walls - but luckily it's the only room in the house we haven't painted yet! Looks like that will have to change now. It actually looked a lot worse, but my awesome babysitter Ashley Hermanson, decided to try and get a good majority of it off last night while we were at life group with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Apparently, that really does work - even on ink, so she's picking up some more for me to get the rest of it off! I just wish I had taken pictures before she erased half of it - it was BAD!!!

In-between the 2 office windows under our diplomas.
Just inside the office doors.
Inside the office door and under one of the windows.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The best karaoke duet EVER!!!

Well, blogger let me down, so I was finally able to post this video on YouTube and upload it to the blog (although the movie is a bit dark and a tad out of focus, but hey, the sound is awesome!!!) Enjoy Scott Pongratz and Jason Chapman's 30 seconds of fame from the Worship Arts party last night!!! Who knew our tech boys could sing??? Bon Jovi Forever, rock on!!!

NVCL Worship Arts Summer Party

So we hosted the Worship Arts party last night, and truly had to thank GOD that the rain held off the whole night!!! Nothing like good friends (about 85+ showed up), food, fun, music, karaoke and cornhole to make a party complete!

Enjoying the yummy food and mingling with the team and their families.

The kids were LOVING the dance floor - we set up the DJ/Karaoke in the garage b/c it threatened to rain off and on all night (of course, it didn't rain - but I'll bet it would have if we had set up in the backyard!!!)

Shawn in his natural element as DJ! I'm not sure who had more fun, him or the kids!
A little friendly cornhole competition.
Future WA Vocal Team members!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007



Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Now that Blogger has made it easy to upload videos, I can finally post this one of Grant and Blake when we were at the State Fair last month. This is hilarious!!! It's Grant trying to navigate through the Hall of Mirrors in the funhouse, and Blake is just doing exactly what his older brother is doing. Enjoy the laugh!!!

Labor Day Weekend

Well, I ended up getting pretty sick on Saturday (I started feeling bad on Thursday, but it held off before getting terrible) and it's been all downhill since. I'm finally feeling well enough to at least put a post on the blog though. We had a great time Friday night at our best buds' labor day party (which was technically Shawn's first "gig" as DJ/Karaoke host), then it was on to the Leaky Classic Wiffle Ball Tournament on Saturday - which is in it's 18th year running (and the Rush concert for Shawn and his buddies later that night) , then back to my parents house for my nephew's birthday party on Sunday. I don't have any pics of Kyle birthday as I came back home to Indy on Sunday morning since I felt so terrible, but Shawn and the boys told me they had a fun time. Here are a few pics...

Grasshopper Entertainment is open for business! Shawn is ready to party after setting up all the lights and equipment for 4 hours!!!
The "Lil'Cass" Crew before the party starts.
Group karaoke was really popular, everyone had a great time!!!
Shawn steps up to the plate, he swings and . . .
Scores . . . eventually anyway. Those wiffle ball boundaries are hard to hit home runs, but these old guys are giving it their best swings anyway! The chiropractors should probably sponsor these events from now on.