Our Boys!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2 Down 1 to go!!!

Well, the first day of school is FINALLY here!!! WOO HOO!!! Grant was pretty excited for his first school bus ride. This was a monumental picture for us - because it's the ONLY year ever that Evan and Grant will attend the same school together. So Evan is now in the 4th grade and Grant attends morning Kindergarten, whatever will Blake do being home with mommy a few short hours each day during the week... I'm sure he'll think of something! ;o)

Evan and little bro Grant on our front porch before walking down to the bus stop.
Waiting for the bus to come - and it was actually 2 minutes early, does that really happen??? I thought for sure the bus would be late, but she was EARLY!!! Will wonders ever cease! And check out Blake, I guess he thought he'd get in line too, just maybe they'd take him to school with the bigger kids too!

Friday, August 10, 2007

State Fair August 8, 2007

Okay, so most people thought we'd be crazy for attempting to go to the State Fair on the hottest day in the world (Wednesday), but it was actually a great time to go! We had cloud cover for most of the time, so the heat was bearable - and the kids assured us they wanted to stay - so we did . . . for 5 hours!!! Enjoy the pics - and I would highly suggest going, it's a great time with great memories for your family!!!

So Blake was bummed out at first, he wanted to ride the bumper cars with his brothers, but his 36" didn't quite make the cut off, so he pouted under the sign here.
It didn't last long though, he was totally mesmerized by how the horses on the carousel went up and down.
I finally convinced Evan to ride one of the rides with me - this flying ride I'v been trying to get him to ride for the past 2 years. And wouldn't you know - he LOVED it!!!
Grant and the giant corndog!
Blake loved this one - cuz' "it looks like daddy's Hummer".
The boys in their big ole' stompin' truck.
Grant and Blake on the motorcycles.
Evan and Grant tearin' up the dodge'em cars.
Evan: "Halt! You will now succomb to this beast of a roller coaster" Grant: "Arrrggghhh, get me off of here!"