Our Boys!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My New Baby NIECE is here!!!


Born today at 2:36 pm
8 lbs. 10 ozs.
21 1/2 inches long

We're so excited to add a GIRL to our family! She's got a great big brother in Kyle, and 3 boy cousins to protect her! (And Aunt Bethie is just a little excited too!) I've been ready to shop for a girl FOREVER now! Yep, she's gonna be just a little bit spoiled! My sister is doing great, and as you can see in the picture below, she LOOKS phenomenal too! Dang, wish I could've looked that good right after giving birth!

Hoping to go see her soon - sucks living so far away! Welcome to the family Riley - we love you so much already!!!

My Sister/Mommy Melissa, Big Brother Kyle and Baby Riley! Guess Daddy Mark was taking this picture!

Isn't she the cutest!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

It's been a great Labor Day weekend for us. I wish I had more pictures to document the weekend, but I only got some from our afternoon on our friend Bruce's boat below.

We grilled out with friends, got free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, watched the Buckeye game (I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!), went for a 28 mile bike ride with Shawn on our friend Sandra & Travis' tandem bicycle, had a great brunch at John's house after, and took the kids on their first boating trip out on Geist Reservoir. It was a busy but really fun weekend!

So check out the boat pics - probably the most amazing thing for me was watching my 4 year old water ski!!! Yes you heard me right - he WATER SKIIED! Our friend Juli and her 6 year old daughter went on Bruce's boat with us, and Addison is quite the little skier. Blake was so mesmerized that he wanted to try it (and Evan and Grant wanted NO PART of something that "dangerous"). Well Addie's ski board was pretty cool - it lets them water ski without actually using the tether to help keep them up out of the water. They hold onto the tether, which is connected to the ski, but the boat pulls the board. They just have to balance - very cool, so if you have young kids who like the water, I would highly suggest this! Blake can't wait to do it again - even after wiping out twice! Yep, he's definitely my "no-fear daredevil"!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day as well!!!

After his first wipeout, he was a trooper and got right back on the skis. Bruce (clapping in the background) helped him get stabilized, and then he took off!

Even Evan had a great time, mainly b/c they let him drive the boat!

Near the end of our 4 hour tour, Grant finally decided to brave the water and went tubing with daddy!