Our Boys!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Opening Day

Finally we're back to some nice weather - and it was a perfect day for Opening Day festivities! The boys were pretty excited to put on their uniforms and get their pictures taken - but I think they were more ready to play for prizes in the games area (not to be confused with "baseball" games - this area was like being at a mini-fair with ring toss, tic-tac-toe, bean bag throw, etc...). For some reason it's always about the prizes (and food if you're the daddy - haha).

The two brothers wearing two very cool numbers. Evan is wearing Aunt Melissa's favorite number (3) and Grant is wearing Mommy's favorite number (4) - if you want to know why, it's because I have "4" boys who all have a number 4 in their birthdates.
Grant with his team getting ready to be introduced and run the bases.
G's baseball pose.
Evan's team getting their team pictures taken (Evan's sitting in the bottom row at the far left next to one of his coaches).
Evan and some of his school friends found each other while playing the prize games.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter 2007

What a great weekend - especially for the boys. My parents came up as did Shawn's mom and sister, so needless to say, the boys had WAAAYYYY too much candy. Here are a few pics of the easter egg hunt in the backyard (despite the freezing cold temperatures). We hope your families had a great Easter celebration as well!

The "brief" family photo on the deck - the kids couldn't stay still for long, they were dying to get out into the yard to hunt down the eggs!
Evan was the quickest to climb up into the playset.
Grant searching through the tree limbs and mulch.
Blake with his "wait, my basket is still empty" look.
But all he really wanted anyway was to dive into his candy buckets.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Boys' 1st NBA Game

So our friend Doug HOOKED US UP for the boys' first trip to Conseco to see the Pacers play last night (you ROCK Mr. Dawson). We were literally on the floor, about 4 rows back from the court/basket. Even though we lost to Detroit (of all teams), we had a great time with Evan and Grant (Blake stayed home with the babysitter, he would've tried to be on the court with the players otherwise). Here are just a few pics of the experience...

My parents would've been jealous of the Wright Brothers performing the National Anthem - that was very cool! I just happened to take this picture of the jumbotron at the right moment to get this cool shot (my pics of them on the court didn't turn out so great).
Evan and Grant with one of the mascots - Boomer
Evan and Grant with the other mascot - Bowser
The view from our seats.
Slam dunk!!!