Our Boys!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Busy Week

It's been a busy week with Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Babysitting - but it was a fun one!

These were the roses my hubby gave me on my birthday Monday - I waited until today to take the picture though, they are just gorgeous in full bloom! He would've gone broke if he had bought one for each year of my age though! LOL!
We watched Emily and Jake Poe the other day so Shannon could get some Christmas shopping done (you go girl!). Grant loves babies, so he got to hold Emily as the others looked on.
And of course he wanted a picture of just him and Emily.
We spent Thanksgiving at my parent's house in Cincinnati. The night before, all the kids wanted in on the action of breaking up all the bread for the stuffing - you know, eat a piece, put on in the pan...
Grandma Dear wasn't happy at all to be "breaking bread" with her boys!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


So I'll just preface Blake's birthday today by stating he was my most difficult pregnancy. A little synopsis: Bedrest forever when he tried to come WAY TOO early (at 24 weeks); Magnesium Sulfate (which was HORRIBLE) combined with a week's hospital stay until they stopped my contractions and sent me home - doomed to the couch forever; a PIC line for collapsed veins - which I got to keep for a few weeks when I went home, yep - that was fun too.

Anyway, my friends and I were talking about it earlier this week - and at their request, I give you these first lovely pics! But it just goes to show how worth it it was! Read on for the rest of the story...

I really hate this picture, but a growing belly really is miraculous. We took this pic before going to the hospital to be induced - yes, induced. First he wanted to come early, then decided he was quite comfortable. Since I wasn't so stable, they had to get him out at 38 weeks.
A little over 9 1/2 lbs. - not a bad size for a 38 weeker!!! hehehe!
Blake's very first kiss from his mama!
"Ummmm, this NICU place isn't so cool - can I go back and see my mom soon?"
Some of my battle wounds from delivery, guess they should've left that PIC line in longer after all!
Blake's Birth Announcement

Fast forward 3 years later...

Time to help mom make my cake...

and eat it too!!!
Mom's not a great baker, but it sure was fun helping her make my Dora cake. "Yep, I love Dora - don't make fun of me for it just because I'm a boy though!"
Blake takes the cake - and the presents too!
My brothers loved helping me open my presents.
Cool presents for all to enjoy!