Our Boys!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun on the pond...

It was a beautiful evening last night. We had just gotten home from the Fishers Freedom Festival and were hanging out on the back deck when Shawn got a wild hair and decided to put his kayak in our pond. Now granted, he's done this before - but technically you're not "allowed" to do stuff like this. Sometimes, you just have to defy the rules I guess... ;o)

"Ummmm, is it okay to paddle here?"
Paddling up to our neighbors house - also the former president of our homeowners association!!!
Blake was dying to go, so we dug out his lifevest and hoisted him in!
As you can see, he absolutely loved it!
Grant was next to follow suit - at first he was like "okay, but dad - don't go past Mrs. Pam's house" (our next door neighbor), but once he got going, they ended going all the way around the pond, and he didn't want to stop.
Here's to the FKA - Future Kayakers of America!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tour de Cure for Diabetes

Today we went down to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to watch Shawn ride in the Tour de Cure. Shawn rode the longest amount of miles possible for this ride - 100 MILES, which all took place going round and round the famous racetrack.

Several months ago, Shawn decided to go after this disease I live with by helping raise money in hopes that someday, we find a cure for Diabetes. I've had Type 1 Diabetes (insulin-dependent, I wear an insulin pump 24/7) for over 16 years. Soooo, in my honor, he did one bang up job at reaching out to friends and family and helping the American Diabetes Association raise funds to find a cure. It's something I really hope I see in my lifetime - a cure would be a dream come true!!!

Thanks to all of you who supported both Shawn and myself - I'll have to check the totals, but between personal sponsors and the Chick-fil-A Spirit Night we had at the restaurant in Noblesville, I think the total was around $1,500! AWESOME!!!

Below are some pics from today's Tour de Cure.

The boys in the "Winner's Circle" at the track.

Here comes Shawn (front right) - I think he had gone about 60 miles or so when we took this picture.

Daddy stopped off to refill his water bottles, so we got a cute shot of him with his boys.

We also got a friendly observer to take a picture of all of us.

The boys all gave daddy a big hug before heading back out to finish up his 100 miles.

While daddy rode, we went out to the Fun Zone where the boys got their faces painted: Blake got the Spiderman face, Grant got the Indy Colts mask, and Evan opted for the cool snake!

Here are the boys making a present for daddy for Father's Day (gotta love Blake's safety glasses huh?) I can't tell you what it is yet, but they were pretty excited about making them.

Hanging out on the wall by the finish line (and famous bricks).

This is daddy signaling to us that he has 2 laps to go (5 miles), and the boys were waving their checkered flags and ringing the cowbells as he (and other riders) went by.

Daddy crossing the famous brick finish line!!!

The long held tradition of kissing the bricks rings true even for cyclists! Evan joined in too!

The victory celebration of holding his bike over his head!

They had a huge banner they encouraged all the riders to sign...

What Shawn wrote on the banner for me.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Random Shots

I haven't been taking pictures too much lately - mainly b/c my camera sucks! But here are a few random pics from the past month. They're mostly of Blake, but I'm sure that will change now that all the boys are home for the summer break! The first 2 are from Blake's preschool promotion program - one more year of preschool and then he'll be a kindergartner! The last few are funny b/c the red couches we have in our family room have become the "sleep" couches. Blake naps on them several times a week (and occassionally his brothers join him.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer - I'm sure I'll have pool/splash park/outdoor pics up the weather heats up!

Blake getting ready to sing with his class.

Blake getting his congrats from his teacher Mrs. Debbie.

Isn't my wig cool?

This is a pic I'll probably never get again! We were going to drop the boys off to my parents for Memorial Day Weekend so Shawn and I could work the Indy 500 race, and all 3 of them were sacked out in the car on the ride to Cincinnati.

Now for a few of the "red couch sleep series". This is Evan and Blake.

Blake with the comfy brown blanket we all love.

Blake with his loved blue blankie.Even superheroes need a little "red couch" rest.