Our Boys!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hilton Head Family Vacation 7/20-7/28

You know, I REALLY LOVE vacation - especially when we go with my whole family, but it's REALLY depressing when we have to come home after 8 gorgeous days at the beach house!!! We had a great time with my mom and dad (Grandma Dear and PaPaw), my brother Uncle Greg, and my sister Aunt Memas (Melissa) and Uncle Mark, and especially their only cousin Kyle! Here are some pics of the highlights.

A picture of all of us on our deck! What a view we had every day!!!
The boys really love hanging out at the pool at the house (cuz' you can still see the ocean and the beach) but they really loved going to the beach a lot more this year - guess you just can't pass up body surfing!!!
The boys playing in the surf.
When the tide went out, it left these great "pools" of water in the sand, so the boys had a great time playing in those too!
Time to make more sand castles!!!
Daddy and Blake in the tide pool.
"Hey, we're getting hungry out here, where's lunch???"
We met this really nice family from North Carolina whom we played sand volleyball with almost every night. They let Evan play too (bottom left), and he was actually really good - he could be on the AVP tour by 2015!!!
There is just something really addicting about running on the beach every morning. Shawn snapped this one of me, so I had to post it. He usually ran with me each morning, but for some reason stayed behind this day - guess he didn't want me to tire him out! Ha ha ha!
I'm so cute in these sunglasses, some chick's gotta dig me sooner or later, right?. . . . .
Summer Lovin': So Blake says, "I'm in wuv wit Sydney, she kiss me". He's only 2 1/2, boy am I in trouble!!!
The 3 boys in Harbourtown - we usually get a picture of them up in the Lighthouse, but they decided they wanted a pic by the boats this year instead.
Shawn and I on the deck - How about a nice romantic dinner honey? . . .
With your brother-in-law Mark!!! Very cute boys, very cute!!!
Nothing like sharing a margarita at the Tiki Bar!
My sister Melissa and her husband Mark went with us too.
Blake got so tired one morning, that he literally climbed under the rug in the living room, put a pillow from the couch under his head and went to sleep by the sliding glass door - had to take a picture it was so cute!
Uncle Greg with Blake and Kyle.
The shower stall is always a good place to play hide and seek, so that's where Grant, Blake and Kyle tried to hide - then they made funny faces once we found them!
The camo boys sitting on the hearth of the fireplace.
We always take a trip into Savannah, GA - and this candy store is definitely their favorite place to be! They loaded up on all kinds of candy - major sugar rush!!!
Grant and Evan on these extremely STEEP stairs in one of the alleys on River Street.
Thanks Grandma Dear and Papaw for another AWESOME vacation!!! We're already counting down the days until the trip next year!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

My awesome neighbor's fireworks finale

Don't worry, it's not a video of our entire fireworks extravaganza, just the 2 minute finale. Our neighbor posted this on YouTube (they took some video of it for us from their backyard), so I thought I'd post it to our blog so you could see part of the show for yourself!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th Annual Liller Fireworks Extravaganza

Well, I would say the neighborhood was "Thunderstruck" by the Firework show put on by my husband and his amazing "Pyro Team". I wish I had pictures of the actual show (which was again synchronized to music), but our friends/life group mates (Tim Backie & Brian Lingle) videoed it, so once I get the DVD, hopefully I can figure out how to put it on YouTube and link it to our post. We also had our biggest crowd ever!!! I actually lost count at 150 people! But at least I got some pictures of the crowd having a good time, so enjoy the pics and hopefully we'll see everyone again next year!!!

The beginning crowd of people.
The "Big Lills 4th of July Show" group (printed on the front of their t-shirts). From L to R: Tim Smith (standing), Kevin Cassidy, Dave Salathe, Shawn "Big Lills" Liller, Josh Salathe, Perry Mervar
On the back of the t-shirts "Pryo Team"
Their were over 60 kids!!! Here are some of them lined up down our fenceline.
The crowd gets bigger...
and bigger...
and bigger...
Some leftover artillary from the evening's explosives.
And more. I think we had a big garbage bag full of just "pieces" from the destruction that we picked up in our yard and the common areas around the pond. Let's put it this way, I don't think the garbage company is going to be happy about coming to our house tomorrow!