Our Boys!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who Needs Pinheads!

Seriously, who needs a bowling alley when you have life size bowling pins and balls (plastic of course) right in your own driveway!!! My parents kept the kids this weekend while Shawn and I worked the Brickyard race, and this is one of the "presents" they came home with. They've been a big hit - no pun intended!!!

Grant and Blake insisted Daddy help them set the pins up. You can watch the short videos below of their strikes, they were just a teeny bit excited about it - guess it's a different experience from their Wii Bowling!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tragic Tuesday

Some people define "tragic" as catastrophic, terribly horrendous, monumentally shaking . . . and this might not be defined as one of those moments to you all, but it more than SUCKS for me!

Sorry for the rant here, but I'm so tired of the mounting dental bills due to the hereditary mouth problems I've inherited & have unfortunately passed on to my sons as well (sorry dad - no digs at you personally I hope you know, but the family history on oral upkeep isn't so great on the Elmlinger side of the family!!!). ;o)

Anyway, we're still paying off my root canal that was finished up last week - and the dentist and I even talked about this front tooth of mine as it's had a hairline crack for awhile now. The story is this: When I was 11 or 12, my friend Kelly and I were playing at her house on their swingset. Now you all remember those monkey bar swings right??? You know, the METAL ones that we used to use as a trapeze of sorts? Well, I happened to be standing behind it when Kelly let go, and it came back and smacked me right in the center of my mouth chipping my tooth. Back then, we had reasonable dentists who charged a REASONABLE amount of money for a cap - and let me also say that the dental work performed back then was (in my opinion) high quality b/c this particular cap is the same cap I got from Dr. Latta (God rest his soul) more than 25 years ago! In more recent years, a few dentists have argued that my cap is "thick", not greatly aligned with the rest of my mouth, that my gum lines don't match up, blah blah blah - but seriously, what do you expect from MORE THAN 25 YEARS AGO!!! Hello, I was a CHILD when this happened! If we had the cosmetic dentistry field figured out back then or knew what it would be today - do you really think my teeth would look the way they do now??? It's advanced just like the rest of the medical field has - which is great for the celebrities and the rest of the wealthy. But as much as I've dreamed about having beautiful bright white shiny perfectly aligned veneers, I certainly don't have the tens of thousands of dollars needed for that perfect smile!

Sooooooooooooooo here I shall poke fun at myself. I have taken a picture for your entertainment of my cracked cap/crown, or whatever they call it nowadays. I'm going to the tooth robber . . . I mean dentist, tomorrow morning to see if we can "quick fix" it so I don't look like a complete dork working the Brickyard Race this weekend! Any money we had hoped to make to pay off the last root canal and put the rest into savings will now have to be used for this issue. Or maybe I should just keep this look for posterity - what do you think???

Okay, I'm done now and I even feel a little bit better after venting my frustration. Thanks for listening!

No, my teeth aren't quite this yellow - but do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself of just your mouth in the bathroom (the kids bathroom too I might add, that has neon lime green walls)? Let's just say it took more than a few takes!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sleep - no we never get enough!

So here is my random post for this Monday morning!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I haven't been sleeping all that well lately - so I wake up after a fitful night of sleep and am usually pooped out the rest of the day.

I noticed I have lots of pictures of my boys sleeping - some are just plain cute and others are hysterically funny in how they manage to sleep in certain situations or positions.

So I decided to post a few of them. Enjoy - and if you have any remedies for sleeping peacefully, let me know that too!!!

Daddy likes to catnap on occasion, this was a picture where Grant and the dog decided to join him in Napquest.

I still go into "food coma's" - looks like this starts at an early age . . . Blake: "But no, don't take my stuff, I'll keep my hands on all of it until I wake up - really, I got it."

What more could you want from a nap??? Earphones, paci, blanket and car ride = perfection in Blake's eyes!

Grant and Blake were so cute sleeping on the same aerobed while we were in Atlanta last month. Even though it was a queen sized aerobed, they were sleeping right next to each other.

This is the picture that inspired this post! I took this just a few days ago. Essentially, Blake has given up naps, but sometimes he just gets so tired that he will literally fall asleep anywhere. In this case, it was the office chair while watching iCarly on the computer!

Ahhhh, life before the other 2 kids joined the family. Shawn and I used to nap with Evan a lot when he was little, this was taken shortly after moving up here to Indy.
Sometimes you don't even get to wait until that "food coma" sets in, Evan (age 3 1/2) just fell asleep before dinner was even served!
Another when Evan was almost 4. He had such a good time on the Disney Cruise that he fell asleep as soon as we got on the Disney Bus to go back to the airport - just him, the seat and his Mickey Mouse car.
Another high chair nap - this one is of Grant though. "Can someone please take this ball out of my hand while I sleep?"
More food = more sleep, or was it the car ride that did Grant in??? Gotta love the ice cream goatee!!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Liller Fireworks Finale video taken by our next door neighbor!

My neighbor Karl took this video of the finale and posted it on YouTube. Check it out if you want below. You'll have to fast forward about 90 seconds to get to the start of the finale!

5th Annual Liller Fireworks Extravaganza

This year was even bigger than the last - which we kind-of thought it would be based on the Evite responses. We had 188 people respond yes to the Evite - but we weren't really sure how many would actually show up. I tried to count twice during the evening, my first count got lost after about 220 people, the 2nd time I tried to count it was close to 300 before I lost count again. Regardless of the actual numbers, we were thrilled with all the people who came this year!

It's always a ton of work - but we really love doing this for our friends and neighbors! Thanks to everyone who came (from as far as Maryland, Chicago, & Cincinnati - to our locals), who helped us with prayers (yay to the rain staying away) and with financial blessings! We almost can't wait to do it again next year - so put it on your calendars now - it's always on July 3rd!!!

Have a great 4th and enjoy the pictures. We have the entire show recorded (thanks to Brian Lingle for recording it and to David Paul for loaning us his video recorder) and we will put the whole thing - or at least the grand finale on YouTube later. I'll get that posted here on the blog once we get it downloaded.

Love ya all!

Fireworks Central (or our garage anyway).

Kevin and Tim doing a little prepwork before the party began.

Our wonderful keg sponsors!!! Burhenn Irrigation and Circle City Planners - they totally ROCK!!!
The Preliminary Pryo Team Meeting/Assembly
This picture was taken near the beginning of the party - just the beginning of the soon to be huge crowd!!!
Getting a little busier...
I always try to get a picture with as many kids as possible on the fenceline. Aren't they adorable?!?!
More Pyro Team prep near the pond behind the fence.
The Pryo Crew - ready for action!
The crowd - about an hour from the start of the show.
More of the crowd!
The 2 homeboys (Shawn and Kenny D) - you gotta love the hat right? It had lights too, what can you do when you have a crazy hubby!!!
Our best friends Linda and Kevin, with crazy hat boy Shawn!
Me, Linda and the girls Taylor and Alexis
The fountains at the start of the show.
Sky shot
Another sky shot