Our Boys!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cycle-A-Thon 2007

Every year the Fishers YMCA has a "Strong Kids" campaign to raise money for kids who can't afford the Y programs, and for the past 4 or 5 years, they've done a Cycle-A-Thon out in the lobby to help raise money for it. This was the most we've raised this year (I believe the amount was around $6000 just from the cycling sessions). You could also purchase tickets to "pay back" the instructor of your choice. For $2 per ticket, you could make them climb, sprint or jump for short intervals - definitely fun to watch. So, since Shawn has been a spinning instructor there since it opened, I figured I would post some pics from the Instructor Ride this past Saturday morning (no one needs to see me sweating it out anyway, hahaha). Shawn taught the Friday night session, which I paid to attend . . . wait, did I just say PAY - well, at least it all went to the kids!!! If you've never taken a spinning class, you should definitely try it - it's one heck of a work out!

The instructors workin' their behinds off!
A little smile from my favorite instructor!
Mike, (the man in charge) getting ready to hand out some "pain and suffering" tickets to the instructors. Ahhh, sweet payback for the pain they cause us every week!
I think Shawn is feelin' it a bit, wouldn't you say???

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Baseball Season has "struck" the Liller house!

Well, it finally happened! Our boys are finally interested in sports - and I have a feeling it's going to be quite the whirlwind. So how does one manage 2 practices and game schedules and still keep their sanity while trying to work around these schedules with a fifth wheel (Blake)??? Guess we'll find out! Until then, let the practicing begin - right in our own backyard. And yes, we've already lost 2 of the balls to the pond as Evan has quite a hitting capacity. In the pics, you'll see we have the batting tee at the far edge of the corner of our yard, and he still smacked it over the fence into the pond! Hmmmmm, maybe there was a reason he waited so long to play sports after all...

A little pre-practice pep talk from daddy.
Okay, so Blake is a little young for little league, but he still had to get in on the action.
A switch hitter I guess, maybe I won't be the only lefty in the family after all?!?!
Grant "strikes" a pose for the camera before taking his swings.
A hitter in the making!
A smile right before Evan's grand slam over the fence, into the water! (the dog, of course, is oblivious).