Our Boys!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grant's Pre-School Graduation

Well, my middle baby has graduated!!! Okay, so not from high school or college or anything, but from Pre-School at our church. It was the cutest thing ever too! Enjoy the pics...

The processional - Grant hummed Pomp and Circumstance all week as he practiced at home, we got a kick out of hearing that!
They sang a lot of songs, but this one was particularly funny. It was called the Surprise Song, and the teachers said we would understand why after it was over. It basically tells you how to go poo poo and make it amusing!
Grant receiving his Diploma.
The Graduate!!!
Grant and his life-size drawing he drew of himself that was posted in the graduation reception area.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


For our anniversary every year, we celebrate with our best friends who we met 10 years ago when they lived across the street from us in Cincinnati - our anniversaries are 10 days apart. So, when they moved here - we followed them. Now they've moved back, so the big question is . . . when are WE moving back. Well, that question has yet to be answered. We love our life here in Indy, but we miss the Cassidy family beyond words! This year, Linda and I were planning on surprising the boys with a trip back to Puerto Vallarta (where my uncle has a beautiful home - there are a few pictures below), but since Linda is due in about 6 weeks with her 3rd girl, that plan has been postponed temporarily. So instead, we drove down to Cincy and hung out with them for an evening WITHOUT the kids!!! It was awesome. We had a great dinner at one of Jeff Ruby's Steakhouses then went walking around to see some of the new developments around town. Then we headed back to their house for a night of euchre and catching up!

The 4 of us before heading out to dinner
Notice our adult husbands mixed in with the kids and teenagers!!! They truly are "kids" at heart!
So you know they just HAD to get in on the action, so they volunteered themselves for one of the magic tricks.
A view of our beloved "Skyline" and Ohio River
Boys and their beers at some German brewhouse (that I can't remember the name of) - I just know it's the only one of it's kind in the entire USA.

Okay, so now you can see why we need another anniversary vacation at my Aunt and Uncle's house right?

From the infinity pool and beyond (okay, so Buzz Lightyear I'm not)
The Palapa, where we ate, drank and played euchre every night!!!

Okay Cassidy's - April 2008 we're THERE!!!