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Monday, August 31, 2009

Princeton High School Class of 1989 20 Year Reunion

Shawn & I at the reunion dinner.
Wow - somebody tell me where the time goes!!!

This past Saturday night was my 20 year high school reunion. Now if I'm being honest, I should tell you that up until about a year ago, I never would have considered going, and I haven't been to the others we've had in the past - but a little thing called Facebook literally changed my mind.

If you don't know what Facebook is, it's a social networking website that lets you find and reconnect with friends old and new. Now obviously there are people for and against these sites, but for me personally, it has brought me back in touch with people I really thought I would never see or hear from again. In my younger years, this probably would've pleased me - but I hope that I've "grown up" over time, and it's true that the things that were significant in high school don't mean jack squat nowadays. Life is too short and too important to waste on the petty stuff - and that has been reaffirmed through Facebook and my Reunion.

We had a pretty huge graduating class (800ish), and a good number of them showed up Saturday night. I was nervous at first, but it quickly dissipated. I think everybody had a wonderful time, and through Facebook and the Reunion, I found that I know/remember a lot more people from high school (my class in particular) than I thought I did.

So, if you're on Facebook - look me up and request me as a friend. I wish I could post all the pics on here (all of them are posted on Facebook), but here are a few from the evening for the blog!

Some of us pre-partying before the doors opened.
Maybe I'm biased (or just refuse to believe we've really aged), but all the girls I knew in high school have become beautiful women!
My good childhood friend Shelly.
My best friends from school & St. Gabe's: Lori, Denise & I
More great friends of mine - partying on the dance floor!

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Shannon said...

You look so hot, Ms 20th Reunion of the year!!!!!!!!!!!! My word! Well, I am going to work to look the same as 3 more years. Let me pop this baby out and set some goals ;). I LOVED my 10 year one, so I am really looking forward to 20 year. Thanks for sharing!!! AND thanks for remembering and praying for my Dad on the way. That was so sweet and so appreciated!!! Love ya! Shan Shan