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Monday, August 24, 2009

Ben & Ari's and Daddy's Birthday

Shawn turned 41 today, and the poor boy had to go to Vegas today for a week for work (yeah I know, let's all give a big "awwwwwwwwwwwww" as we REALLY feel sorry for him - NOT!)

So we decided to do something fun with the family on Sunday for his birthday instead. I would've thought he would pick the new Dave & Busters that just opened near us (he's been a HUGE D&B fan since I've known him - there's been one in Cincy forever and he and his buddy Jon used to go there almost every day for their lunch breaks years and years ago). Anyway, the young ones wanted to go to Ben & Ari's (a smaller version of D&B's for kids) so Shawn didn't even hesitate. So off to video game madness and putt putt golf we went!

Jammin' on the guitar one of the kids got with their game tickets. Doesn't look 41 does he? ;o)

Blake riding the waverunner game - he actually did really well!

Blake might be a future Tiger Woods - this was 1 of 2 Hole In One's! My iPhone doesn't have video like Shawn's or I could've captured one of them - he was so excited!!!

Grant wasn't quite as lucky - he fished a few of his balls out of the water!

Evan was in concentration mode - he didn't even know I was taking pictures of him!

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